Comprehensive Peace Agreement Adalah

Comprehensive Peace Agreement Adalah: An Overview

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) adalah, which translates to "is" in English, refers to a landmark agreement signed in 2005, which ended the decades-long Sudanese Civil War. The war was fought between the government of Sudan and different rebel groups from the southern region of the country.

The agreement was signed between the Sudan People`s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the government of Sudan after years of negotiations brokered by the African Union and international partners. The CPA was a detailed agreement, covering issues such as power-sharing, wealth-sharing, and the right to self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan.

The CPA established a government of national unity in Sudan, with the SPLM holding key positions in both the national and regional governments. The agreement also provided for a six-year interim period, during which the people of Southern Sudan would be given the opportunity to hold a referendum on whether they wished to remain part of Sudan or secede and form their independent country.

The referendum was held in 2011, and an overwhelming majority of the people of Southern Sudan voted for independence, leading to the creation of the Republic of South Sudan.

The CPA is widely regarded as one of the most successful peace agreements to have been signed in Africa. It has brought an end to the longest-running civil war on the continent, and provided the people of Southern Sudan with the opportunity to chart their future.

The agreement has also been credited with setting a positive precedent for conflict resolution on the continent, and has inspired similar peace processes in other countries, such as the Central African Republic and South Sudan.


The Comprehensive Peace Agreement adalah is a significant document in the history of Sudan and Africa. It brought an end to a prolonged conflict that had caused severe suffering and loss of lives, and provided the people of Southern Sudan with the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination.

The agreement is a testament to the power of dialogue, negotiation, and compromise in resolving conflicts. It has inspired similar peace processes in other countries, and serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when parties to a conflict are committed to finding a peaceful resolution.

As we celebrate the success of the CPA, we must also remain vigilant and committed to ensuring that the gains made are not lost, and that the people of Sudan and South Sudan continue to enjoy lasting peace, stability, and prosperity.